Our Work During Covid-19.

1. Health of our members and employees for all units of our institution We sprayed and increased the cleaning processes.

2. The organization without disrupting business processes the minimum staff to carry out although there are other employees by providing the necessary infrastructure remotely we provided the opportunity to work.

3. Contact points within the institution with members we reorganized. To the contact points We have placed disinfectants. With employees social distances between members We increased.

4. Our Ministry of Health, especially directives from all ministries from our social media and communication organs we published it instantly and delivered it to our members.

5. To the District Governorship Loyalty Support Group By donating 20.000 TL, a total of 200 food for people in need over 65 We have helped.

6. For the pandemic process Our President has announced ‘Economic Stability Shield Support Package’ necessary announcements about We made informations. 6.000 TL to

7. Vehicle to the District Governorship Loyalty Support Group with the support of the needy We provided the needs to be delivered.

8. Started by our President ‘We are enough for us’ solidarity campaign We supported 20.000 TL. 10. Food aid to families in need our council members and 650 members, through our members 60.000 TL food in total We have helped.

9.Gemlik State Hospital medical equipment 6.000 TL to We supported.

10. Food aid to families in need our council members and 650 members through our members 60.000 TL food in total We helped.

11. With Credit Guarantee Fund (KGF) guarantee from the ongoing loan initiated our members to benefit more particularly our demands Turkey to limit increases The Association of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges We forwarded to the ministries.

12. Coming from our exporting members upon requests for the past years again the given Freight Support to the relevant Ministries. We follow up.

13. Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of our Breath Loan initiated by By transferring funds to his campaign low interest loan of our members We took advantage of it.

14. To the members of Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen Cansuyu Loan granted to our members by submitting a request to our Association Our stock exchange with a turnover of less than 3 million We also provided it to its members.

15. With our Governorate regarding mask supply the masks we provide by contacting distribution to all members of our exchange We did.

16. Curfew applied on weekends prohibition of our members’ production to continue their activities The lobby we run with our district governorship 350 activity certificates giving our members this process without any problems we made it through.

17. By BEBKA Development Agency COVID-19 Combat Program Municipality, Chamber of Commerce and Industry and with Industrial Vocational High School in our district We have presented a project for disinfectant production.

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